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Why are so many JCON users switching to PositrakPro in 2022?
JCON users everywhere are switching to PositrakPro and enjoying the benefits of a modern, Windows-based system.
Todd Buckman
Owner, Motor Parts
and Equipment Co.
JCON users everywhere are dumping their outdated, console-based systems for our modern, Windows-based system called PositrakPro. In addition to gaining the many features that a modern system provides – such as a point-and-click catalog interface with part images and detailed specifications – JCON users are also dropping expensive maintenance fees for outdated hardware that might not even be covered in their support contract.

Todd Buckman, owner of a 2-store operation in Washington, NC (Motor Parts & Equipment Company) encountered this unpleasant experience in November 2013: After paying over $100,000 in support fees over a 10-year period, Todd’s server went down. He was stunned to find out he would have to pay another $6,000 in additional fees just to get his server back up and running. With his system down, his operation was crippled for more than a week.

Into Todd’s 2nd week of down-time, we presented him with PositrakPro. At this point, he felt that a change was necessary. Twenty-four hours after our presentation, we had him up and billing on PositrakPro, without any loss of data from the JCON. Within two more days, we had his 2nd store online. Todd is now into his 2nd year on PositrakPro.

"We felt like we were working for the computer company, not for ourselves..."
- Todd Buckman, Motor Parts and Equipment Company - Washington, NC

Motor Parts is more than pleased with the features provided by PositrakPro and the overall changeover process. Here are some of the differences that Todd has experienced with PositrakPro:
  • Enhanced, Integrated, and Information-Enriched Cataloging
  • Because PositrakPro is a Windows-based system, he can take advantage of richer catalog content that includes part images, detailed specifications, color coding of catalog results, and easy access to manufacturer websites for additional information if needed.
  • A Unique Approach to Server Hardware Support
  • In the event that a PositrakPro server does have hardware failure, we have unique methods that allow us to set up a temporary server – getting you back online in a matter of minutes – not days.
  • Further, we do not require additional fees for continued server support beyond a certain time period.
  • Superior Customer Support
  • 94% of our support calls are answered by an experienced and qualified person in less than 23 seconds, who can immediately address your question or issue. There is no mandatory wait period for a call-back.
  • Paperless Office Features
  • Reprint or email a signed copy of an invoice with just a couple clicks, or set accounts to automatically receive signed copies of invoices by email.
  • Ease of Use
  • Better control, mastery, and comfort with the entire system because it was designed for ease of use, with assistance & direct input from jobbers.