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PositrakPro - A Comprehensive Computer Solution for the Independent Jobber
Jimmy Allen
Owner, Riverdale Auto Parts
Were you aware that many independent jobbers are switching to Positrak for their computer needs? Over 100 jobbers in 14 states in the last 36 months have made the switch. A typical 3-workstation, 2-printer system starts at just $395 in monthly support and includes cataloging, price updating, software support, and electronic signature capture. We supply systems of any size and configuration (including multi-store configurations), with unlimited branch stores and service dealer connections.

"Any independent jobber without this system is wasting his money."
- Jimmy Allen, Riverdale Auto Parts - South Boston, VA

PositrakPro provides deeper insight into your business operation, meets the modern demands of an independent parts store, and reduces housekeeping time - getting you out of the office and back on the counter where you can be of the most value.

Here are some of the highlights of PositrakPro:
  • Ease of Use
  • Better control, mastery, and comfort with the entire system because it was designed for ease of use, with assistance & direct input from jobbers.
  • Management is much easier in the Windows PC Environment
  • Columns are sortable - sort your PO by dollar amount, and zero off items until you reach your target amount for the order. Also, sort parts by sales and make sure your order points match your sales demand.
  • Make corrections right on the screen, then click save. No need to print, make corrections, then come back to the PC later to apply them.
  • All Reports are Nearly Instant
  • Positrak uses powerful Microsoft database technology.
  • Reports are available on-screen as well as in print.
  • View the report before printing - saving on supplies.
  • Virtually Unlimited Capacity
  • Unlimited lines, parts, and pricing.
  • Unlimited accounts and remote service dealer connections.
  • Unlimited transaction history.
  • Paperless Office Features and Little Housekeeping Work
  • Reprint or email a signed copy of an invoice with just a couple clicks, or set accounts to automatically receive signed copies of invoices by email.
  • 5-second stock orders, 60-second daily closeout, 15-minute monthly closeout.
  • Positrak ACES Standard Catalog
  • Positrak publishes catalog content 3 to 6 months ahead of WHI and Epicor, using industry standard formats. Data is available over the web on a real-time basis, giving you access to new lines and numbers well ahead of your competition.
  • Catalog results are sorted to help you sell.
  • Search by VIN number or by Year/Make/Model.

"Pro allowed Frank to get out of the office and back on the counter where he can be the most value to our customers."
- Jim Ward, Dixie Auto Parts - Elizabeth City, NC