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PositrakPro provides a comprehensive point of sale that is easy to learn, easy to use, and is fully integrated with the inventory, accounting, and cataloging. Our goal has always been to keep it efficient and effective, while at the same time making it a simple and easy product to use.

Here are a few highlights of the PositrakPro Point of Sale:

  • Ease of Use
  • Add & Edit Accounts Right from POS
  • Receive Payments from POS
  • Collect Electronic Signatures for Charge Invoices
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Integration With PositrakPro Mobile - our System For Capturing Signatures on Deliveries


The Accounts Receivables system in PositrakPro is fully integrated with the entire system. Billing, statements, transaction history - all work together seamlessly with Point of Sale.

Here are a few highlights of the PositrakPro Accounts Receivable system:

  • Add or Edit Accounts Right From POS
  • Unlimited Transaction History
  • Collect Electronic Signatures on Invoices and Email Signed Copies Right from POS
  • Email Invoices & Statements
  • Use our Comprehensive Transaction Search to Search History by any Combination of Part #, Date Range, Invoice #, Account #, and More.


PositrakPro has many tools for inventory management & control. First of all, most of our reports are viewed on-screen first, which allows you to see what you need without wasting paper. This, along with the Microsoft Windows editing environment allows you to see what you need to on the screen and make corrections on the fly, without having to print the report and spend your valuable time pouring over them to analyze your data.

Here are some of the inventory control features of PositrakPro:

  • Make Part Corrections from POS - No Need to Write Down for Later
  • FastEdit Screen - Allows You to Make Corrections to Ranges of Parts Very Quickly Within a Line
  • TOP Numbers Management - Ability to Sort Your Reports On-Screen to Manage the Fast Movers In Any Line Quickly
  • Unlimited Capacity for Lines, Parts, and Pricing


Positrak has the most efficient and up-to-date electronic catalog in the industry. We publish manufacturer content three to six months ahead of WHI and Epicor, using the industry standard formats. Rather than mailing DVDs with catalog content, the data is immediately available to you via the web, giving you access to new lines and numbers well ahead of your competition.

Here are some highlights of the Positrak Catalog:

  • Catalog Results are Sorted - Showing In-Stock Items First
  • Catalog Results are Color Coded - Helping you Quickly Identify In-Stock Items
  • Search By Year/Make/Model, or Use our VIN Lookup
  • Detailed Specs with Images and Manufacturer Links
  • Buyer's Guide & Part Interchange


PositrakPro works well with any supplier and allows you to be 100% independent. We don't care what you sell. We're not looking over your shoulder to see what's going on. And further, any 2-way communication with a distributor is always initiated by you. There's no direct access from a distributor into your system.

Here are some highlights of PositrakPro Supplier Communication:

  • Send Electronic Stock Orders to Any Supplier
  • Check Live Inventory (Participating Warehouses Only)
  • Automatically Post Stock Orders (Participating Warehouses Only)
  • Cost Audit on POs - Lets You Know a Price Update is Needed (Participating Warehouses Only)
  • All Communication is Initiated on the Jobber End - There's No Distributor Access Unless Requested by the Jobber


PositrakPro has the ability to manage pricing electronically from data received from any supplier. Price sheets can be loaded in via spreadsheet from any distributor, updating existing parts and adding any new parts that you may not already have. Get access to entire lines from suppliers - regardless of what you stock.

Here are some of the pricing features of PositrakPro:

  • Update Entire Lines From Suppliers Quickly - Update Existing Number, Add New Ones
  • Change Price Utility Allows You to Quickly Change Margins on Full Lines or Ranges of Numbers
  • Price Files are Readily Available from Most Major Warehouse Distributors